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Poinsettia in a basket

Poinsettia in a basket

Poinsettia in a basket

An antique finished, wicker basket is absolutely bursting with Christmas magic! It doesn't get more "holiday" than that! (Service fee from 125 kr)

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The flowers are hand bound by a local florist and may vary depending on season and availability

Orders for funeral ordered by 16:00, 2 days (3 days for wreaths) before the funeral we will do our utmost to deliver, but we can not guarantee delivery after this time. The picture shows the size medium.

Want to spoil them? Add some extras
Red Cellophane
Red Cellophane 25 kr
Chocolate 95 kr
Dream Candle - Lovely Days
Dream Candle - Lovely Days 65 kr
Chocolate hearts
Chocolate hearts 59 kr
Cellophane 20 kr
Cielo håndlaget sjoklade
Cielo håndlaget sjoklade 125 kr
Card 19 kr
Luxury candle
Luxury candle 65 kr
Hazelnuts with chocolate
Hazelnuts with chocolate 95 kr
Licorise from Kolsvart
Licorise from Kolsvart 70 kr
Teddy (18cm)
Teddy (18cm) 95 kr
Blue teddy (18cm)
Blue teddy (18cm) 95 kr
Gift card 100 NOK
Gift card 100 NOK 100 kr
Gift card 50 kr
Gift card 50 kr 50 kr
Liquorice with caramel chocolate
Liquorice with caramel chocolate 100 kr
Pink teddy (18cm)
Pink teddy (18cm) 95 kr
Chocolate 45 kr
Chocolate 45 kr
Chocolate 40 kr
Sweet wrapping
Sweet wrapping 25 kr