Care For Your Flowers

Take care of your flowers

Receiving flowers is an incredible experience, not only is it a case of being handed the most personal gift possible, it bears the words, sentiments and thoughts of someone near and dear, letting you know they are thinking of you. The beauty of flowers is that they can be for any occasion, reason or season with our local florists being full to bursting with flowers all year round.

•Find yourself a clean vase. In fact, give the vase a scrub with warm water and washing up liquid just to be sure, this prevents bacteria from growing and gives the flowers a head start.

•Our flowers are normally delivered in bud, this allows the flowers to last even longer and you can watch the bouquet bloom into a stunning display of color and scent over the coming days.

•See what flowers you have received, for example if you have received daffodils make sure you don’t re-cut them. Daffodil sap can be harmful to other stems; daffodil specific flower food can neutralize this risk though.

•If the bouquet contains any lilies that are open, we recommend removing the stamens. This will save your clothes, furniture and carpet from stubborn stains but also ensures the lilies last even longer. Use a paper towel to remove them, starting at the base, don’t cut them!

•Cut the stems, this needs to be done before you place the flowers in your now super clean vase and the flowers will need to be re-cut every few days, roughly an inch from the bottom. Cut the stem at an angle, this increases the surface area and allows the flower to take in more water.

•Place the flowers somewhere light, but not in direct sunlight or near a radiator. Most cut flowers survive best between 18° and 22°C.  If you are picking flowers from your garden, we recommend doing this in the morning as this is when they are packed full of nutrients and fragrance.

•Keep the flowers away from the fruit bowl! Fruit releases a gas called ethylene which breaks down other fruit around it and delicate flowers begin to perish prematurely.

•Don’t forget about your stems, keep the water clean and fresh and change it every few days if you need to. Remove any dead flowers and prevent the foliage falling below the water line as this will harbor bacteria which shortens the life of the flowers.

•Dress them up? You can make any bouquet look twice as spectacular by placing it in front of a mirror; you can decorate the vase with marbles, glass beads and even submersible lights for the wow factor!