Take care of your flower decorations

Decoration or bouquets?
In both cases florists use cut flowers that need individual care. But unlike a bouquet a decoration produced with a special support, namely floral foam. This foam can be placed in a vase, in a pot, in a beautiful container or used alone covered with leaves. Unlike a bouquet a decoration should not be placed directly in water. However, the flowers will of course require water.

Floral Foam - flowers best friend
Basically floral foam is the same that can be found in flower stem - a spongy mass that takes up water and absorbs it. This lightweight and porous material is also pH-balanced so that the acidity of the flower environment remains at an optimal level. Floral Foam was invented in 1954 by the firm Smithers-Oasis, and this has been a kind of revolution for florists as this helps them to create original shapes such as round table decorations, funeral crosses and flowers in baskets. Floral Foam also increases the decorations lifespan by providing a stable amount of moisture since it can accommodate large amounts of water.

Your florist has prepared the foam carefully so that the flowers can get all the nutrients and water that is needed. By using a large container or sink filled with tap water and specific flowers nutrition for flower foam the decorations lifetime can be extended by up to 30% because of the high intake of water. This makes it easy to cut and hold the stems in place. All you need to do is to water a little every day or every other day, depending on what kind of flower the decoration is made of and of course the size of the decoration. There is no reason to add flower nutrition in the water as the florist has added sufficiently. Tip: Use a small watering can to water in the middle of the decoration.

Want to try it yourself?
Here are some advices you can use if you want to create your own decoration with floral foam.

• Fill a large bowl or a sink with water; add lots of floral foam in the water! Let the foam sink into itself and wait until the water is completely absorbed. If you're too impatient and press the flower foam under water an air pocket will create be inside the foam and when you make the decoration you may be inserting the stems into a pockets of air, and then they will not get water.

• When the foam is ready, it will have a darker color. Take it gently out of the water and put it directly into the container. Make sure that the selected container is big enough. If have you chosen a basket made of wood or container which is not waterproof, you can add plastic to prevent dripping.