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Why are flowers a good Christmas gift?

Are you also looking for a good company Christmas gift? We fight for flowers.
Do you want to know why? Whether the gift is for your own employees or someone in the network, flowers are much more than just nice to look at.

4 reasons why flowers are a good company Christmas present:

Woman smiling at a bouquet of flowers

1. Flowers trigger feelings of happiness

Flowers have an immediate effect on how happy we feel. Research from the University of Jersey has shown that all subjects in a study showed signs of immediate and genuine joy when they received flowers (source:

White plants in containers

2. Flowers reduce stress and anxiety

It is not only here and now that flowers positively affect mood and mind. In the aforementioned study, a group of people were followed for 10 months who were allowed to live both with and without flowers. When the subjects were allowed to live with flowers, they felt less stressed, tense and restless. On the whole, they expressed a higher degree of satisfaction and joy in life when they had flowers and potted plants at home. Interestingly, these positive feelings persisted over time.


A group of people happy around a bouquet

3. Closer relationships

Giving flowers is a golden opportunity to get closer to your network of employees and connections. Flowers create a bond between the giver and the recipient.


woman receiving a bouquet and smiling  ChatGPT

4. You will be remembered

When you give a beautiful flower, the recipient will think of you every time they look at the flowers. Add a personal greeting and the greeting will last long after the flowers are finally gone.

Flowers create joy and are good for the soul and mind. It's lovely to go out into the nature around you and create your own decorations and gifts. In a hectic everyday life, we sometimes have to keep it simple, so you are welcome to take a look at our gift suggestions for companies at the bottom of the page.


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