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Terms and conditions



All bouquets, decorations and plants are handcrafted by a local florist or by our wholesaler. We strive to have easily accessible flowers in all our products that we display in our online store. The assortment at our local flower shops will vary throughout the year because the availability of flowers will vary throughout the seasons.

If a particular flower is not available, it will be replaced with a flower of similar shape and colour. Our florists will always work towards creating a bouquet as similar to the original product as possible.

In our product photos, we usually show flowers that are in full bloom. This is to show how the bouquet looks during most of its lifetime. When the flowers are delivered they are fresh, and may therefore include flowers that have not yet fully bloomed. This is so that your flower greeting can be enjoyed for as long as possible. All prices are stated under each product and for each size. Mediation costs are included in the flower value, delivery costs are added to the product price. If the number of flowers is not stated in the product description, it may vary depending on the size and price of the flowers. In addition, the assortment at the florists can vary depending on the season and availability.

Christmas, Mother's Day, Valentine's Day and Father's Day

During the holidays, the offer of flowers may vary from shop to shop, depending on availability at the wholesaler or items that are sold out at the florist. Flowers can therefore be replaced with an equivalent item in shape and colour. Our florists naturally do their utmost to ensure that the product delivered matches the product ordered. 

In some cases, it may be necessary for the florist to call in advance (for example to secure access to an entrance or similar), so it is important to provide the recipient's phone number when ordering. The delivery fee only covers one delivery, so if the florist runs in vain, the flowers will be able to be picked up in the shop afterwards.

Please note that wholesalers' prices for certain flowers may increase for Christmas, Mother's Day and Valentine's Day. The prices are controlled by the large flower wholesalers in the Netherlands, and Euroflorist has no influence over this. We therefore have an extra wide range of different flowers and bouquets to be able to offer products in all price ranges.

We always strive to deliver as early as possible. On public holidays when we have extra orders, this is unfortunately not always possible, and some orders can therefore be delivered in the afternoon and evening.

During the Christmas week, we have a high workload and therefore cannot guarantee that your Christmas greeting will be delivered on the desired date. This only applies to Christmas greetings, not other floral greetings such as birthdays and condolences.

Additional products

All additional products are presented in the order process after you have selected your flowers. The selection of additional products may vary,
depending on the product's availability at the place where the flower greeting is to be delivered. Pictures of the additional products (e.g. vases and greeting cards) show
the available product type. The additional product delivered by the florist may therefore differ from the image you see on the website.

Gift card

Our gift cards can be bought in all our member shops. They can be used as payment instead of money in our member shops and
You can buy gift cards as a supplement to the flowers or instead of flowers.
To find a member shop near you, you can go to Find florist under the information tab on our website or contact our customer service.

Discount codes and e-vouchers

If you have received a discount code or an e-voucher, you are responsible for this. To prevent unauthorized people from using your code and making an order, we recommend that you keep it in a safe place.
Discount codes can only be used at and are entered in the field "I have a discount code" in the shopping basket or on the last page before you pay. Once you have entered the discount code, activate it by clicking the "Activate" button to the left of the field.
Please note that discounts are usually valid for a limited time. Information about this can be found in the information that was given to you when you gained access to the discount code and/or e-voucher. Please contact us if you have problems using the code and/or the voucher.

Delivery time and guarantees


Remember to write the sender in the text of the card, so that the recipient knows who he/she should thank. Our florists prepare orders already the day before delivery, therefore we cannot guarantee that we can make changes close to the delivery date.

The time of delivery may vary according to the agreements with the delivery companies. The flower deliveries usually take place between 08:00 and 21:00 on weekdays and 09:00 and 16:00 on Saturdays. In cases where the recipient is not at home, the flowers are delivered to the door. If it is not possible to leave it at the door, the recipient must pick up the bouquet in the shop. If for some reason the delivery cannot be delivered to the door, e.g. the door code is missing, the door phone is not answered or the conditions otherwise do not allow the flowers to be returned to the shop. The recipient will then be contacted for pick-up in store. Flower deliveries to company addresses usually take place between 08.00-16.00 on weekdays. Euroflorist Europe BV cannot guarantee a given time for delivery, but will make every effort to comply with your wishes, if you state this.

Same day delivery

Orders placed before 2pm Monday - Friday and 12pm on Saturdays are guaranteed to be delivered the same day to the mainland and major cities.
In order to be able to guarantee same-day delivery to companies, we need the order no later than 09:00. The flowers will be delivered to a possible reception and the recipient can be contacted by phone before delivery, even if you, the person ordering, do not want this.

Delivery Gordon

Some of our bouquets are delivered by Gordon. Which bouquets apply are indicated on the product page at Gordon delivers the flowers to the recipient's door from 16.00 - 22.00. On Mothers Day 11.2 flowers will be delivered between 12.00 - 22.00
The recipient is contacted by Gordon via SMS to confirm that the gate code and other important information is correct. It is possible to change the information and track the package via SMS. The recipient receives a new SMS when the package has been delivered. If it is not possible to deliver to the given address, the customer will be contacted by our customer service. Gordon will make two delivery attempts, first on the selected day, if delivery cannot be completed after two attempts the flowers will be classed as used. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel or change orders placed with Gordon.

Gordon does not deliver to business addresses, hospitals or churches.

Sundays and public holidays

We cannot guarantee delivery on Sundays and public holidays, unless otherwise stated on the website. All orders ordered for such days will be delivered on the nearest delivery day before or after the requested date. The service office is also closed on Sundays and public holidays. All e-mails are answered the next working day thereafter.

Funeral orders

Casket decorations and wreaths are large products that require a large number of flowers. These products should be ordered no later than 3 working days in advance so that we can guarantee delivery. As for carrier bouquets (without ribbons), these can be ordered no later than 1 working day in advance so that we can guarantee delivery.
For orders for funerals abroad, see the section "International orders".

(See our same day delivery policy in the "Same day delivery" section).

International orders

Flower orders to other countries are delivered by a local representative in that country. We deliver flowers to most countries in the world, with a few exceptions,
e.g. to war zones. All orders are processed during office hours. Orders to European countries can be delivered the same day. Orders to overseas countries must be ordered the day before delivery. Orders for funerals must be ordered no later than 3 working days in advance so that we can guarantee delivery.
For your international order, we have selected products for each individual country. Euroflorist Europe BV cannot guarantee product design for international orders.
Delivery costs vary depending on which country you want to send flowers to. All prices are presented to you before you complete your order. All prices for international orders are shown without VAT. All purchases made in countries outside Norway are VAT-free. Local VAT is included in the product value delivered by the florist and paid for by Euroflorist Norge AS.

Delivery to company addresses

The last order deadline for delivery to company addresses is at 09:00 on weekdays. Unfortunately, we cannot deliver to addresses on Saturdays and Sundays. Delivery takes place within office hours. When delivering to, for example, schools, hotels or businesses, the order is most often delivered to the building's reception or similar. In such cases, Euroflorist is only responsible for the order reaching reception.

Liability and delivery conditions

The orderer (customer) is responsible for the complete and correct delivery information to the recipient. If there are errors or delays in delivery due to incorrect or incomplete information (including door number) provided by the customer, the order will not be refunded/replaced. The delivery fee only covers one delivery and if the florist cannot deliver, the flowers must be picked up from the executing shop.

Euroflorist reserves the right for our florists to contact the recipient where it is necessary for delivery to take place, for example in the case of an incomplete delivery address or where the recipient has an intercom.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, we cannot guarantee that your order will be delivered at the ordered time on the ordered date. If we are not successful in delivering your order, it will be delivered at the earliest opportunity.

The flowers are delivered by a local florist or by a local delivery company, where the florist has such a collaboration. In rare cases, flowers can be delivered by bus, postman or boat without you as the customer being informed and because the recipient's address is difficult to access. This means that the recipient can pick up the flowers at the nearest delivery point. In some places, it is also required that the recipient collect the flowers from the nearest Euroflorist shop. There is no delivery by bus, postman/boat at weekends and on public holidays. In the event of extreme weather conditions or events (so-called force majeure), we cannot guarantee that the order will be delivered at the agreed time.

Payment and security

Payment options

You have several payment options to choose from when you place an order with Euroflorist Norge AS. All credit card payments at Euroflorist Europe BV are handled by a recognized and safe e-commerce company and the security when you pay on our website is of the highest quality.

In order to be approved to pay by invoice, we carry out a check of your creditworthiness on the first purchase. The credit check is carried out by a third party. If you are approved, the option will automatically appear on the order page when you log in as a registered VIP member. The invoice is sent automatically as an email from our partner, Klarna. If you discover an error with the invoice, please contact Klarna, see for contact details. The invoice has a payment deadline of 14 days. Euroflorist Europe BV reserves the right to set a credit limit for its customers.
When you as a customer choose to pay with Klarna on our site, you also accept Klarna's terms of purchase.
Click on the link to read more - Klarna's terms and conditions

NB! You must be 18 years or older to order from Euroflorist Norge AS.

Protection of personal data

Euroflorist Norge AS treats all customer information as confidential. Euroflorist Norway AS. does not provide customer information to a third party
without their express consent. For more information read about our Policy and Security.

Newsletter and SMS

If you sign up for our news e-mails and SMS, you are guaranteed to receive all offers, discounts and news. Once you have shopped with us, we may use your email address to send out newsletters advertising those of our products and services that we believe are relevant to you, even if you have not signed up for the newsletter ours. However, in all news e-mails and SMS there is always a link you can use if you do not want to receive any more e-mails and SMS from us, or if you want to take a break from our mailings.

Order confirmation

After you have completed an order, you will receive an order confirmation on your screen. An order confirmation will also be sent to your registered email address. If, by chance, you should not receive such a confirmation, you are welcome to contact our attentive customer service.

Fake orders

All fraud or attempted fraud and false orders are reported to the local police and public authorities.

Uploading and distribution of content

Downloading content from Euroflorist Norge AS websites is at your own risk.
Our content, including images, is copyright protected. All images on the website are owned by the company, and all commercial use of our images and plagiarism of text without our approval is strictly prohibited. If you want to use our images and/or text, you are welcome to contact us.

Service charge

The product value includes one small card and a service fee.

Change or cancel an order

Send us an email or chat with our customer service to inform about any changes to your order. We have a processing time of 24 hours to make a change. If you request changes on the day of delivery or the day before, we will of course do everything we can to accommodate this, but we cannot guarantee that your change will be feasible.

On public holidays such as Christmas, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day, the minimum time required can be extended up to 72 hours. This is due to the amount of orders being processed, deliveries can be prepared and organized well in advance, which means that changes on these occasions are not always possible.

Refund Policy

Returns can be granted by the management in special situations

1) If the product is damaged or faulty.

As flowers are fresh products, we ask that any complaint be submitted within 1 working day from the delivery date.
We have a 7-day fresh product guarantee on flowers, plants and related items from the date of delivery. If any of the flowers die or wither within 7 days of delivery, you must take a digital photo of the product, send it to us via our contact page or return the flowers to the delivering florist. We will then replace the flowers and deliver them to you free of charge.
If you wish to return a product to us for a reason other than clause 9.2, as the product was faulty or damaged on delivery, please use our returns policy set out in clause 11. If you want a refund and not exchange the product or replace it, we will refund you the price of the product, the shipping costs, and the cost of returning it to us. Please send us a receipt for the return postage.
If we conclude that the product is not damaged or faulty, we can charge you for the products and the costs we incur as a result.

2) If you have received the wrong product.

If you receive a product that you did not order, please refer to our returns policy set out in clause 11. If you return the product to us, we will refund you the price of the product, shipping costs and the cost of returning the product to us.

Returns and complaints

If you return a product in accordance with the conditions above or if you want to make a complaint, please contact our customer service via our contact page or by post to Euroflorist Norge AS.

If you return a product in accordance with the conditions above or if you want to make a complaint, please contact our customer service via our contact page or by post to Euroflorist Norge AS CJ Hambros Plass 2C, NO-0614 Oslo, Norway. You will then receive an order number. You must quote this number in all correspondence. Each return is processed individually and any measures will be decided in consultation with the customer.

When products are returned to us, we advise you to return them by a secure delivery method to the address you have received from our customer service and obtain a receipt that the product has been returned to us. If you have problems returning a product, e.g. because of the size so please contact us.
If you do not use the order number or payment ID in all correspondence, it may delay our response to you.

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