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Christmas inspiration: Advent wreath

One of the first signs that Christmas is coming is the traditional Christmas wreath that many people hang on their doors. Perhaps it is not so strange when both the garden, us and even the sun go to sleep. We crave something fresh and winter green. And if we make the wreath from the right materials, don't forget that it even smells good!

Good materials for the Christmas wreath

It is usually made from natural materials such as spruce, twigs, straw, leaves and pine cones. Often with fine ribbons wrapped around the wreath, which are often also used for hanging. An artificial wreath can certainly be brought out again year after year. We still retain the charm factor of real Christmas wreaths made from natural materials. The door wreath is usually round, but it can also be heart-shaped or even star-shaped

Two women building a wreath

Do you want to make your own wreath for Christmas or Advent?

Fia, Euroflorist's own house decorator, shows you how to make a beautiful table wreath with materials that are not at all difficult to get hold of and with cube lights that create atmosphere.

Good to know

In Norway, we traditionally have four purple candles for Advent. Elsewhere you have three purple and one pink. The three purple candles symbolize hope, peace and love. The pink light means joy. Some also use a fifth candle, a white candle. It symbolizes the birth of Jesus and is lit on Christmas Day.

Candles lit on a wreath

Take care of your wreath

Wreaths do not like hot places. Keep it away from heat sources and direct sunlight. The wreath prefers partial shade and is preferably placed in a cool place. If you have it indoors, you can keep it fresh by showering it with a little water from time to time.

Christmas wreath on door

Why a wreath for Christmas?

The Christmas wreath has a long history. It can actually be traced back to the ancient Persians. At the time, the wreath was a symbol of power and progress. In Greece, the laurel wreath was used to honor the winners of the Olympic Games. In the Roman Empire, it was the emperors who used them. (You've seen Astérix, right?)
The connection between ancient Greece, the emperors of the Roman Empire and today's door wreaths may not be obvious. But it is said that the sportsmen hung their wreath on the wall as a trophy. And that became the origin of the custom of hanging door wreaths.

Woman in the woods with a wreath

Do you want to order a personalized Christmas wreath?

Fancy a wreath but don't have the time to make your own? Don't worry, you can order the wreath from our decorator. Just click on the picture. Genuine craftsmanship from local trade

Happy woman holding large wreath