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The language of flowers

Flowers say more than a thousand words - they can convey a secret message, or express exactly what you feel, but which is so difficult to say.

Today, we probably choose flowers based on shape, color and personal preference. But have you never sent a red rose to the one you love? Old fashioned charm? Maybe. The excitement lies in what the recipient of the flowers reads between the lines!

Anemone: Don't leave me
Amaryllis: Pride
Hawthorn: Hope
Azalea: Sincere and shy love
Begonia: Friendship
Rosebud: Dawning love
Chrysanthemum: Dying love
Delphinium: Faithlessness
Wild roses: Fleeting happiness
Fuchsia: Passionate love
Iris: Good news
Jasmine: Attention
Hyacinth: Sweetness, softness
Ivy: Friendship and affection
Lilies: Purity
Daisies: Shy love
Mimosa: Security, platonic love
Lilies of the valley: Recurring happiness
Forget-me-not: Faithfulness
Carnations: Freedom
Oranges: Virginity, purity
Nettles: Evil, cruelty
Daisy: You are beautiful, affection
Peonies: Sincerity
Buttercups: Seduction, charm, enchantment
Red rose: Passion, burning love
White rose: Purity:

Yellow rose: Jealousy, infidelity. Many also believe that a yellow rose is a nice symbol of friendship.
Pink rose: Love
Rhododendron: You are the most beautiful, elegance

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