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Florist Fia

Hi, My name is Fia and I am a flower decorator at Euroflorist. This is my playground. Here I'm going to frolic and share tips on how you can make your home beautiful with flowers and share some trend scouting.


Create trendy spring decoration in a hat box

thumbnail for spring flowers in hat boxes

Make it delicious with spices - outside and inside

spices and flowers in a wicker basket

Be inspired by Fia's gorgeous party table

Flowers arranged on plates and a table

Fia's gift tips for the baby

Flowers arranged in a frame

See how Fia decorates the balcony

Woman holding flowers by the sea

Fia decorates for a wedding

Bouquets lying on wood

Fia's love flowers

A hand holding a single red rose

Trendy rose gift

Woman with a bouquet of red roses

Fia's autumn bouquet

Woman arranging flowers in a vase

See how to tie a heather wreath

Woman holding a wreath

A party table inspired by the beauty of the forest

Wicker basket filled with pine and pine cones

Red Rolls Royce

Woman holding a red bouquet

Fia's advent bouquet with amaryllis

Woman arranging flowers

Fias makes a beautiful Advent wreath

Small pieces of fruit around two candles

Fia's Christmas group

A bowl filled with red flowers and decorations

Fia ties a beautiful Christmas bouquet

Woman arranging a bouquet

Fia decorates for Christmas

Wrapped up boxes on a table with greenery