OFFER! Selected bouquets - delivery to Greater Oslo


This is how Farm to Door by Euroflorist works

With Euroflorist’s flower boxes, there will be more colour in their life, for longer. A few steps makes it possible to deliver the Euroflorist flower boxes straight from the grower right to their doorstep. And to deliver an experience that lasts. 

More buds for your bucks 

Unbeatable freshness 

Enjoy the moment 

Step 1: Award-winning design  

The Farm to Door Collection has been developed by our award-winning in-house florist team. Stunning in design and beautifully prepared and handpicked. 


florist building a bouquet

Step 2: Enjoy the moment

Unwrapping a flower box creates a luxury feeling. When opening the box, the person you sent flowers to will be greeted by a bunch of beautiful flowers, tied with a nice wrapping. To complete the gift, the flower box also contains a lovely card with your personal message, creating a memorable moment.  

farm worker folding roses

Step 3: It’s not just the flowers we care about 

Your flowers from Euroflorist are not just beautiful to look at, they are also grown in a responsible way. Our growers care about both people and the environment. 

tulip bouquet in box

Step 4: Give your flowers a long and happy life  

The secret is love, cold water and a little nutrition. Also remove the bottom leaves from the stems and cut the stems diagonally with a sharp knife and change the water every day. 

Multicoloured Tulip bouquet

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