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Tie your own flower wreath

Go to weddings and confirmations with flowers in your hair. How to tie your own flower wreath like a real flower decorator - step by step.

Are you going to a confirmation or wedding this summer? Tie your own flower wreath. Use your favorite flowers, or get some that match the dress. We give you advice and tips on how to tie beautiful wreaths - just like a flower decorator.

How to make a flower wreath?

You need

To make your own flower wreath, you need steel wire, myrtle wire, floral tape and silk ribbon. And of course lots of lovely flowers and lots of greenery.

Ribbon and scissors

How to make the base

Measure the length of steel wire you need and make two loops at the ends. Tape the frame with floral tape so that the flowers sit better.

Woman holding ribbon and wire

Flowers for the wreath

In this wreath, you will find ladybugs , ruscus , rosebuds , bridal veils , santini and prairie bells . Other flowers and green leaves that fit in a wreath can be, for example: ivy, hydrangea, elegance carnation, cornflower, cornflower and poppy. When you have selected flowers, cut the stems until they are approximately 5 cm long.

 Flowers laying on a table

Attach the flowers to the wreath

Now is the time to attach the flowers to the wreath. Start by tying the myrtle wire onto the end of the steel wire. Take some of the flowers and wrap the myrtle thread 2-3 times around the stems. Add more flowers and tie them tightly. Remember to tighten the myrtle thread well enough that the flowers stay in place, but not too tight so that the flowers break. Fasten a few flowers at a time until the wreath is complete. Fasten the myrtle thread after the last round.

Fester blomster til en blomsterkrans

Tie a silk ribbon

Take a long silk ribbon and thread it through the loops. Put the wreath on your head and tie a beautiful bow of the silk ribbon at the back.

A finished flower crown

Your own flower wreath

Now you have your own beautiful flower wreath that lasts throughout the summer night. Are you going to make it the day before the party? Shower the finished wreath and put it in a bag. The bag is then placed in the refrigerator overnight.

a flower crown on a woman's head