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New Year's table - cover with flowers

For New Year's we cover with myceines, wax flowers and eucalyptus berries. Impress your guests with a New Year's table that blooms in the season's most beautiful green.

Invite friends to a flourishing New Year's party they won't soon forget. Buy seasonal greens and let your creativity run wild. Remember that the result lies in the small details.

How to succeed with the New Year's table

wine glasses decorated with greenery on a table with a vase and food

Blooming glass

Decorate the glasses with seasonal flowers and greenery. Give each guest a unique plant so they remember which glass is theirs throughout the evening. A tip that is both practical and great. Secure the plant with myrtle wire.


Table placement with mykeins

Table placement is always festive and exciting. Create beautiful place cards with a linen napkin and seasonal greens. We have chosen to use mykeiner. What do you choose?

napkin arranged with a name tag and greenery
Small, green table arrangement with four sets of plates

Winter's most beautiful garlands

Make a beautiful winter garland. Choose some beautiful plants and cut the stem so that it is approx. 5 cm. Then measure out wire depending on how long you want the garland to be. Wrap floratape around the steel wire so that the plants sit better. Take a few plants at a time and tie them down with myrtle wire. Place the garland across the table.

Forest-themed champagne bowl

No party without bubbles. Find the biggest champagne glass you have and fill it with ice and water. Then select plants and flowers that match the season. We have used larch cones, eucalyptus and fir twigs. Let the plants float around beautifully together with the ice cubes.


A bottle of champagne in a bowl of greenery
small vases with single flowers on a table

Flowers in small vases

Collect a lot of small glass and porcelain vases. A tip is to look at a flea market or in the cupboard at home. There are many things that can become a beautiful vase. Place the vases across the table with small mini bouquets in each. It gives the New Year's party a real wow effect.