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The florist's 5 best tips for a durable flower bouquet

Have you received a lovely bouquet that you hope will last a long time? It may seem difficult to create the best conditions possible with the choice of vase, the right temperature of the water and new cutting surfaces, but we have the answers! In this article, we give you the florist's 5 best tips to make your flower bouquet last longer.

How do I create good conditions for the flower bouquet?

Always make sure that the vase you have chosen for the bouquet is clean. Feel free to wash it if it has been empty for a while so that dust and any bacteria that can contaminate the water disappear. Choose a vase that fits the size of the bouquet, rather a little too big than too small.

Remove leaves that risk ending up below the surface of the water, otherwise they will cause bacteria that are harmful to the flowers. Change the water every day to keep it clean. If flower food comes with the bouquet, you can add it to the water and just add more water as you go. Change the water when it becomes discolored.

Washing up brush and vases

What temperature should the water be?

Previously, the recommendation was always that the harder the stem, the hotter the water. Now, however, recent studies show that lukewarm or hot water quickly forms bacteria in the vase and thus weakens the water quality.

The new recommendation is therefore to always use cold water regardless of the type of stem.

Vase being filled with water

Is it important to have a new cutting surface?

You should give the flowers a new, slightly slanted cut surface before you put them in water. Use a knife to cut across the stems - scissors or secateurs pinch the vessels and prevent the flower from taking up water.

The time without water has probably dried out the cut surface somewhat, and by cutting it again you help the stem absorb the oxygen and nutrients from the water. Also make sure to cut the stems to a length that fits the vase you have chosen.

Rose being trimmed

Where do I place the vase with the flowers?

Leave the vase with the flowers in a bright place, but not in direct sunlight, drafts or too close to heat sources. Also avoid placing the flowers near a fruit bowl or the Christmas tree, as these give off ethylene gas which causes the flowers to wither faster.

Most cut flowers thrive in a temperature of around 18–22 degrees. Feel free to put the bouquet in a cooler place at night, so it stays even better and you can enjoy the flowers for longer.

vase of white tulips

Can I mix other flowers with daffodils and daffodils?

First cut new cut surfaces on the daffodils and leave them in their own water for an hour. Then they secrete the secretion that clogs the pores of other flowers and causes them to wither. Then just mix them with other flowers and make a lovely bouquet. Remember that you should not make new cut surfaces on the daffodils.

Vase of daffodils

Good to know – bonus fact!

Have you received or bought a tied bouquet? Do not remove the tape. The bouquet is tied so that it gets a nice shape and each flower gets its due as best as possible. An airy tied bouquet has a shorter lifespan than one that is more compact, as the oxygen causes it to wither faster.

When you send a floral greeting via us, we want the recipient to be able to enjoy the flowers for as long as possible. Therefore, it happens that the flowers have buds and are not fully sprung upon delivery.

ball of string

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