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What should I write on the card?

It is not always so easy to write what we feel on a tiny card. You really want to warm dad's heart. Often all that is needed is a little help and inspiration. And the most important thing is not what you write, but that you write?

With love

Dad, no one is like you. You always have...

Nothing in the whole world is like a daddy's hug. You...

You are my biggest role model. Thanks to you...

Thank you for being my dad. Without you I would have…

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man holding his son with a bouquet

With humor

Dad, you've always been the best. For example, all the times you have said yes when mum has said no.

I love you dad. Even more than chocolate.

Dad, you know that without me this would have been just like any other day.

Father's Day! Today I treat Litago and a grill in bread.

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To the bonus dad

You are like a real dad. Only 2.0

Being a bonus dad is not easy. But you're doing really well!

You are not a plastic dad. You are a real dad that I just got a little late.

You are the perfect mix of dad and buddy.

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Short text and quotes for Father's Day

Short texts and quotes for Father's Day that inspire and delight and put into words what we feel so strongly about the world's best father. If you are going to send flowers for Father's Day, you can add one of our warming card texts for the extra personal and thoughtful gift. We deliver your gift throughout Norway via our over 300 local florists. You easily order your gift in a few minutes. Choose from classic favorites for Dad - maybe you'll also want to add chocolates along with your flowers and card text? Tailor the gift so that it fits dad perfectly.

Frequently Asked Questions
What do you say on Father's Day?
Thank you for everything you have done for me. You are an amazing father and I am grateful to have you in my life. You may also want to give the father a card with flowers as a sign of gratitude and love.

What do you write in a Father's Day card?
Dad, there is no one like you, you are my biggest role model and thank you for being my dad. No matter what you write, he will appreciate your thoughtful words. Send love to your dad.