Take care of your orchids

Orchids are a wonderful creation of nature's divine design! Its no wonder that we want this beautiful creation to last as long as possible. Read here to find out how.

• Orchids will usually want to have as much light as possible, but avoid placing them in direct sunlight. The flower enjoys temperature changes of around 5 degrees between day and night. If you can you arrange for this it would be great as this is optimal for the flower to blossom.

• Water the flower by either immersing the pot in water or place the pot in a bucket and water from above so almost the entire pot stand in water. Remove the pot directly; avoid getting water on the leaves because it may cause degradation of the flower.

• Water the flower about once a week, and never let the flower stand in water. Orchids are very drought resistant, so a common mistake is to water the flower too much. During the winter months it is usually enough to water them once every two months.

• If you want to give flower nutrition, make sure you use specific nutrition for orchids and remember to only add nutrition during the growing period.