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Beloved amaryllis - this is how you succeed!

Amaryllis are traditionally one of our most loved Christmas flowers. Here in cold Norway, they are perhaps primarily potted plants, although we like to have them outside when the weather gets warmer. Yes, they look impressive, which is why it's so much fun that they are among the easiest onion plants to grow. They often produce large flowers in less than five weeks from the time you plant them. So with a little planning you will have beautiful, blooming amaryllis for Christmas!

How to succeed with amaryllis

First, choose onions with care. If you want it to bloom for Christmas, you should choose one that is pre-treated and plant it in mid-November. Make sure it is not damaged or soft. Alternatively, you can buy an onion that has already been planted. (Further south in Europe, amaryllis is a spring-winter plant.) If you want your amaryllis to bloom later, you can choose an untreated bulb.

When you get home, put the roots in water. NB! Only the roots, not the whole onion.

The next day you put the bulb in soil, ordinary flower soil works well. Choose a sturdy jar. The amaryllis becomes high, and then you avoid it tipping over. Water the soil properly and place the pot warm and dark. Now the amaryllis should not have more water before the stem starts to stick up. It takes about a week.

After this, you should water sparingly. When the amaryllis blooms, it thrives in cool conditions. The flower tolerates a lot of light, but should preferably not be in direct sunlight.

amaryllis plant by christmas tree

For it to bloom again

When the flowering is over, cut off the bell stem and wait for more to emerge.

When all stems have finished flowering, use more water and give a little nutrition every week.

In summer, you can put the pot in the garden. Amaryllis like partial shade. Continue to water and fertilize during this period.

When autumn begins, you should not water at all. Let the leaves wither. Place the jar in a cool and dark place so that your amaryllis can rest.

Until spring-winter, you can start waiting for new buds and for it to bloom again.

woman holding amaryllis

Amaryllis as a cut flower

It is not for nothing that the amaryllis is called the queen of Christmas flowers - and it is really lovely as a cut flower too. Many people wait all autumn for amaryllis to come to the shops again.
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close up of a amaryllis

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make amaryllis bloom again?
For amaryllis to bloom again, they must be exposed to cool temperatures for a period of time. This can be done by forcing your plants to go dormant by placing them in a cool, dark place. That will make it bloom again.

When to start watering amaryllis?
After planting, it is not necessary to give extra water for the first week until the leaves and stem appear. It is best to start watering amaryllis when the soil around the bulb feels dry to the touch.