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Doctors Without Borders

Doctors Without Borders is a neutral and independent medical aid organization that saves lives and relieves distress where the needs are greatest. If you choose one of the bouquets below, NOK 50-150 of the value goes to the work that Doctors Without Borders does. Gift certificate included.
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Safe births in Afghanistan

Afghanistan is one of the world's most dangerous countries to give birth in, and there are great medical and humanitarian needs that are exacerbated by the ongoing conflict and the chronic instability that has characterized the country for a number of years. Doctors Without Borders works, among other things, with emergency medical health care, and maternal and child health services in Afghanistan.

Baby being held by charity worker

We work hard to ensure safe births - both for children and mothers. At one of the hospitals in Khost province, an average of 30-40 children are born every day.


Watch a film about the project by clicking on the image.


Watch a film about MSF's projects dealing with mother-child health in Afghanistan here.

baby crying with woman

Vital health care in Sierra Leone

Doctors Without Borders is now building a hospital in Sierra Leone. The Ebola epidemic affected an already vulnerable health system, and the population barely has access to health care.

workers building

Sierra Leone is today the country where the most children die, especially in connection with childbirth and in the vulnerable first years of a child's life. The hospital will primarily focus on reducing the high maternal and child mortality, while at the same time trying to strengthen the capacity of the country's health workers.

Photo: MSF

woman playing with children

If you choose one of our Doctors Without Borders bouquets, you are helping to provide life-saving healthcare to those who need it most. Thank you very much! Together we save lives.