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Peonies – the king of flowers

With their large, beautiful flowers and delightful fragrance, they become a beautiful feature in the home. Here are four care tips that will make your peonies last longer.

From the end of April to the beginning of July, the flower shops are filled with peonies. Buy a bouquet to take home, and enjoy the sight as they transform from buds to beautiful flowers. Like all other cut flowers, they benefit from a little extra love and care.

Care tips for peonies:

Cut your peonies

Cut your peonies: The fact that the florist has already cut a cut in the stem will not do. The wet paper in which the flowers are transported home has settled in the pores of the cuts. Therefore, make it a good habit to make your own cuts when you get home. Make new cuts every two or three days to keep the cut clean.

woman holding bunch of peonies

Water your peonies

Lumpy water: Peonies are a herbaceous flower and therefore thrive best in lukewarm water. Don't forget to clean the water of leaves that lie and form bacteria and algae. Change the water every other day to keep it clean.

Spray with water: Won't your peonies bloom? Try spraying and bathing them with cold water. Sometimes the sticky surface on top can prevent the flower from blooming.

Avoid sunlight: Do you want a flower that lasts extra long? Place it in a shady spot to delay the flowering process.

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