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Tulips - Facts and advice on care

Tulips are one of our most popular cut flowers. They come in many colors and shapes. If you take care of them properly, they will keep well for over a week. Here you get tips and advice on how to extend the life of your tulips.

How long do tulips last? Make sure to cut the tulips every day, and give them new cold water. With the right care, the tulips stay beautiful for over a week.

This is how you make the tulips last longer

Use a clean vase

It is important to use a clean vase. If you use a dirty vase, the bacteria in the vase will break down the tulips prematurely. Which is very boring with such nice flowers.

washing up brush cleaning vase

How to water the tulips

When you fill the vase with water, you only have to fill it to about 10 centimeters. They don't want more water than that. Use fresh and cold water. It loves the tulips. And make sure the water is clean. If the water starts to become cloudy, it pays to change it to remove the bacteria.

filling a vase with water

How often should I top up with water?

If you want to avoid the tulips growing too fast and getting tall, you don't need to top up with new water every day, just when needed. But if you want the tulips to grow big, you can top up with water as often as needed. If you also cut the tulips every other day, you can make them grow so that they hang decoratively over the edge of the vase.

peach tulip bouquet

Cut the tulips

Before you put the tulips in cold water, you must cut the stems. By giving the stems a nice new cut, you help the tulips to absorb water. Make a straight cut approximately 2 centimeters from the end of the stem. You can advantageously cut the tulips again after a couple of days.

single flower being trimmed

Get fresh tulips

Tulips that are kept cool at night last longer. They tolerate drafts, but do not thrive in freezing temperatures or when it is too hot. If you have space, you can put the vase in the fridge overnight. If not, you can put them in a glazed balcony or an outdoor room.

white tulips in a vase

Tulip bouquet with the onion on it

Make a beautiful tulip bouquet with the bulb on it. It creates a great and rustic feeling. Wrap a beautiful ribbon around the stems and place the bouquet in a beautiful, deep dish. Then pour some water into the bottom of the onion's roots. When the tulips have bloomed, you take care of the bulb and plant it in the garden.

white tulips being arranged in a vase

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Frequently Asked Questions

When should tulips be cut back?
Tulips should be cut back after the first flowering season. This can be done sometime between mid-June and September, depending on where the climate is. This will prevent the tulips from developing seeds and ensure healthy new plants next year.

How much water should tulips have?
Tulips need regular watering to stay healthy and bloom well. It is important to keep the soil moist, but not cloudy, so that the roots do not rot. It is recommended to water the tulips once a week, but depending on the humidity, soil type and weather conditions, you may need to water them more or less often.

What kind of vase suits the tulips best?
For tulips, the best vase is usually a tall and thin one with a heavy base. A conical vase can also work well, as long as it is the right shape and size to allow enough room for the stems to reach upwards while creating a nice arrangement.