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Do you also love Hyacinth's?

Do you know how the turnip, or hyacinth, as it is also called, got its name? According to Greek mythology, Hyakinthos was supposed to teach Apollo how to throw a discus. Things went really badly when Hyakinthos was hit and died. Where his blood dripped on the ground, flowers grew. These were called hyacinths, or in other words squirrels.

How hot?

Feel free to refrigerate the Hyacinth overnight. Then the flowering lasts longer.

Close up of pinecone, rose and hyacinth

How much water?

Water at regular intervals. Then the soil stays moist. If the stem starts to lean to one side, you can prop it up with a flower stick.

Potted hyacinths outside


Put your Hyacinth in a bright just make sure they are not in direct sunlight (not a big problem in the dark in many places in Norway). They thrive both in windows and some distance into the room.

Hyacinths in a vase on a windowsill

Give the Hyacinth a long life

Should your Hyacinth continue to flower too early, you can stop the flowering by putting the plant in the fridge Keep the soil moist and then out at room temperature when you want it to flower. It can be kept in the fridge for several weeks.

two potted hyacinths outdoor

Strong scent

Hyacinth often has a strong scent that can be problematic for many allergy sufferers. White varieties often have a milder scent than other varieties.

jug filled with pink hyacinths


These plants have irritating sap. Contact Poison Information on 22 59 13 00 (24-hour telephone) if your child has eaten large quantities.

hyacinth Christmas table decor

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